Debris: The big picture and Q&A

The city’s debris teams on Monday marked their 19th working day, on track to have a “first pass” of the entire city completed mid-December.

In all, the crews, as of Monday, had hauled away more than 117 cubic yards of the estimated 200,000 cubic yards of debris Hurricane Zeta left in Biloxi. Crews have mailed 2,870 trips, including more than a hundred on Monday.

“The crews have done a good job in West Biloxi,” Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard. “We’re pushing to see more debris hauled away quicker in Woolmarket. We want to see a temporary staging site like we have in West Biloxi, and as soon as the Department of Environmental Quality approves it, we’ll see dramatic progress in Woolmarket. We’re more than halfway home right now.”

From the outset, when contractor Crowder Gulf began working Nov. 5, the city has said the project would take from 60 to 90 days.
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