Cruisers rolling into town; other news and notes

Biloxi Police are reminding motorists to expect to see a growing number of Cruisin’ the Coast visitors over the next week, including hundreds of vehicles and thousands of visitors to downtown Biloxi Wednesday for an annual block party.

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Council to discuss cottages, fee issues on Tuesday

The Biloxi City Council on Tuesday will discuss a case involving one of the most controversial of post-Katrina issues – the placement and use of so-called Katrina cottages.

During their 1:30 afternoon meeting at City Hall, councilmembers also will have the first reading of three measures associated with the FY 2010 municipal budget: a $2.50 increase in the city’s monthly garbage fee, bringing the total monthly fee to $7.50 per container; a measure that will increase the city water service and sewer by nearly $1.96 per thousand gallons of water; and the capping of city employee longevity incentive pay at 25 years.

The Katrina cottage involves a case on Seal Avenue, one of the city’s historic districts, where a property owner has moved two Katrina cottages onto property and is seeking permission to leave the temporary structures in place.

The city’s Planning Commision is recommending that the City Council deny the request.

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News and notes

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