Cruisers, car fans arriving through the weekend

Thousands of drivers and car enthusiasts will be arriving on Friday and through the weekend as the 15th annual Cruisin’ the Coast begins its eight-day run in Biloxi and neighboring cities.

This year’s event is expected to top 5,000 antique and classic cars and as many as 150,000 people over the eight days of “America’s largest block party.”

Entertainment stages will be set up in Biloxi at the west parking lot of Edgewater Mall, in downtown Biloxi on Wednesday, and at other venues from Bay St. Louis to Ocean Springs. There’s a swap meet and auto auction at the Coast Coliseum, and casinos and other businesses also offer big-name entertainment and discounts over the run of Cruisin’.

On Wednesday, thousands of cruisers will display their vehicles throughout downtown Biloxi.

“This is a great event for Biloxi and south Mississippi,” Mayor A.J. Holloway said. “The Downtown Biloxi Block Party offers people a chance to meet the cruisers, get a close-up look at their cars, and just enjoy the day.”

To print a flyer about the Downtown Biloxi Block Party, click here.

Biloxi Police, meantime, are hoping that visitors and locals will have a safe time.

Barricades have been placed along heavily traveled areas of U.S. 90 in west Biloxi and will be used to limit access if traffic becomes too congested. Traditionally, hundreds of people line U.S. 90 along west beach to cheer on the intermittent parade of vehicles.

“We hope drivers don’t let spectators lead them into doing something you shouldn’t be doing,” said Biloxi Police Chief John Miller. “We want everyone to have a great time, but we want them to have a safe time, too. We’re asking them to respect the well-established traffic laws. It’s the same old stuff: no reckless driving, no stunting, or anything that will endanger onlookers or other drivers.”

Said Miller: “Traditionally, the registered cruisers know and respect the traffic laws. It’s those who aren’t registered who become an issue.”

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Garden group to hand out seeds at Hiller Park

Mississippi Renaissance Garden Foundation representatives will be handing out flower, vegetable and herb seeds to Cruisers and others at the Hiller Park Renaissance Garden site on Oct 4, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The timeframe coincides with the Cruisin’ drive-in at the Biloxi VA Medical Center, which adjoins Hiller Park.

The Lake Valley Seed Co. provided the seeds through the America the Beautiful Fund in Washington, D.C. , and John Fayard Moving made it possible for the $500,000 shipment to be distributed in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. Details: Martha Boyce, 228-388-2622 or