Court seeks to make traffic fine payment easier

Biloxi Municipal Court handled more than 10,000 traffic cases last year, and court administrators say many of those appearing in court can now take advantage of a convenient online payment.

The city offers the service to those facing traffic fines, and the service can be used without having to appear in court for those pleading guilty. However, if an arrest was involved in the case, such as DUI, a court appearance is required.

The online payment option does carry a fee, but Court Administrator David Leckich says the $2.50 and 2.95 percent fee, which is a typical online government rate, may be a viable option for some with traffic tickets.

“You’re looking at having to take time off from work, appearing in court and then having to go to the payment window at the Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center on a weekday,” Leckich said. “Some people prefer the online payment option when they consider the time-saving convenience.”

Added Leckich: “Nobody likes to get a traffic ticket, but we’re trying to streamline the process for everyone.”
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