Court gives Bolton 30 more days to clean property

Community Development Director Jerry Creel and attorneys for the city are scheduled on Wednesday to submit to Harrison County Judge Robin Midcalf an itemized report and more photographs detailing code violations at Hayes Bolton’s beachfront property at U.S. 90 and Porter Avenue.

Midcalf, in a city-requested contempt of court hearing, today gave Bolton another 30 days to bring his property into compliance with city codes.

Bolton’s property had originally been cited for several violations, including the accumulation of trash, debris and junk. Bolton faced fines of $3,000. Under an agreement proposed by Bolton and approved by the court in March, Bolton said if he were given 30 days and fines were reduced, he would bring his property into compliance.

Midcalf, after touring the site today, asked for the itemized report, additional photographs. She also ordered Bolton to design and install a fence that would meet the city’s historic district standards while concealing machinery and other material that has accumulated at the site. Bolton’s property is within 300 feet of the Biloxi Lighthouse.

“We are disappointed that Mr. Bolton has now been given another 30 days to clean the property, which was already under a court order to have been cleaned last May 2,” Creel said. “Based on our experience with Mr. Bolton, we have no doubt that this property will still be in violation in 30 days, and we hope that Judge Midcalf will stick with her commitment when 30 days passes.”