Court affirms city’s action in Fayard Street case

The Mississippi Court of Appeals has unanimously affirmed that Biloxi was in its right to realign Fayard Street and vacation a portion of the northern end of the street at Bayview Avenue.

The decision, which had been appealed by a nearby pawn shop, will allow the city to move forward with the realignment of Fayard Street and will allow IP Casino Resort & Spa to complete its parking lot on the south side of Bayview.

The case began over two years ago with an application from IP to the Community Development Department.

The project, as originally proposed by IP, will remove the offset intersection that currently exists and realign this area of Fayard Street to create a four-way intersection, with better traffic control and pedestrian access.

The plan, which was approved by the Biloxi Planning Commission and City Council in 2015, allows IP to move forward with plans to build an improved and fully landscaped parking lot with 627 spaces on the south side of Bayview.
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