Councilmembers bring curtain down on four-year term

Five of Biloxi’s seven City Council members attended their last scheduled meeting of the current four-year term this afternoon, closing their tenure by thanking city staff and residents for their terms in office.

Among those giving farewell remarks were Councilmembers Bill Stallworth of Ward 2, Lucy Denton of Ward 3, Clark Griffith of Ward 4, Arlene Wall of Ward 5, and Ed Gemmill of Ward 6.

Mayor A.J. Holloway thanked each for their years of service, and four of the five incoming councilmembers – Dixie Newman, Dr. Paul Tisdale, Robert L. Deming III, and Kenny Glavan – looked on from the audience. The councilmembers-elect, who take office next week, remained at City Hall for most of the afternoon today to receive briefings on myriad city projects.

Also during the City Council meeting, federal and state emergency preparedness workers praised the City of Biloxi for being one of only 66 communities nationwide to achieve a Class 5 flood-insurance rating, meaning lower flood insurance rates for residents and demonstrating that the city is doing a good job of educating residents about constructing in flood zones.

A FEMA representative, in presenting the award to Mayor Holloway, said there are 5,917 flood insurance policies in force in Biloxi, representing $1.5 billion in flood insurance coverage. Residents in special flood zones – known as Zones A, AE and VE – receive a 25 percent discount, and those in low risk areas – known as zones B, C and X – are eligible for a 10 percent discount.

Overall, flood insurance policyholders in Biloxi see annual savings of $437,199 or an average savings of $285 per flood policy.

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