Council to meet twice Thursday afternoon

The Biloxi City Council meeting scheduled for Thursday at 10:30 a.m. to discuss social service spending will instead be held in the afternoon, after the council’s 1:30 p.m. meeting.

“Technically, the morning meeting is canceled,” said Chief Administrative Officer David Nichols. “But we’ve scheduled a meeting for immediately after the 1:30 afternoon meeting to discuss social service spending.”

During their afternoon meeting, councilmembers will face an agenda of 13 measures and will hear status reports on two Point Cadet construction projects: Biloxi Waterfront Park, which is nearing completion, and Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum, which is aiming for a June opening.

Also on the agenda are measures to ban the sale of fireworks in Biloxi and a measure to relax regulations governing temporary signs.

Two baseball measures to be added to the agenda: the formal hiring of Dale Partners as architects for the stadium and a measure to accept state funding.

During the second afternoon meeting, which will begin immediately after the 1:30 meeting, councilmembers will discuss funding for social-service agencies. During budget negotiations in August and September, councilmembers decided to delay funding until after the first of the year to have a clearer revenue picture.

To see the original agendas and supporting documents for both meetings, click here.

No classes Thursday for Biloxi Public Schools; staff to report

Biloxi Public Schools will not conduct classes on Thursday; however, the day will be a Professional Development Day for staff.

Staff members are expected to report to their respective schools at the times communicated by principals or supervisors.