Council to get first look at boat slip fees

The rates for those who rent slips for boats moored at the city’s public harbors and marinas will not be changing under an updated fee structure, but the manner in which those fees have been calculated will be revised in a measure that goes before the City Council on Tuesday.

The council gets its first look at the berthing rates for the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor and Point Cadet Marina during a meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m. at City Hall. The meeting also will include the presentation of the Hibernia Marching Society Grand Marshal and Colleen for the upcoming St. Patrick’s parade.

The mechanism to establish fees for boat owners was adjusted after the city surveyed neighboring cities to compare fees and how they were computed.

Among the key changes: Use of electricity will now be based on the number and types of electrical outlets used by boat owners. Previously, those rates were chosen by the size of the vessel’s generator.

Additionally, although the rate of $6 per foot will remain the same in the proposed rates, the fee will be based on either the size of the boat from bow to stern or on the size of the slip used, which ever is larger. In the past, the length of the boat was measured at the water line, and a 45-foot boat using a 60-foot slip would pay a fee for a 45-foot vessel.

Also in the works is a blanket measure to ensure all costs are covered on special events presented at the city’s public harbors and marinas.
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