Council OKs short-term rental regulations

This week in community development, the Biloxi City Council approved a text amendment to the Land Development Ordinance to allow Short Term Rental as a use permitted by right in certain commercially zoned districts. Under the amendment, STR would be allowed by right, in districts zoned CB Community Business, RB Regional Business, DT Downtown, and WF Waterfront. STR would continue to be allowed as a conditional use for properties zoned RM-20 Residential Multi Family, and RM-30 Residential Multi Family. The new ordinance does not allow STR in any single family zoned district, and does not create an overlay district.

Also this week, the Biloxi Planning Commission conducted public hearings for proposed text amendments to address subdivision design standards for residential driveways, and to improve development regulations concerning wetlands. Both recommendations were approved and will now go before the city council for final consideration. A site clearing permit was issued this week to the Biloxi Public School District to begin site preparation for the new Biloxi Junior High School to be located on Jam Lane. We  are currently reviewing building plans for 6 new single family houses.

Lastly, Community Development is modifying our current weekly report in order to develop a report that is easier to understand, and consistent in quality to the reports currently produced by our Police and Fire Departments. Our current weekly report is difficult to read, and does not track a number of the activities in this department that we believe would be of public interest. Once the quality and content of the report are to a level that is ready for public distribution, we will begin providing it to you through BMAIL.