Continue to be COVID prudent, mayor says

Those entering municipal buildings in Biloxi will continue to be required to wear face masks to help stem the spread of the coronavirus, and the city is joining Gov. Tate Reeves is asking people to continue wearing face coverings when near others.

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich made the announcement today, a day after the governor dropped a statewide mask mandate and relaxed mandates involving sizes of crowds indoors and at arenas.

“We join the governor in trusting our residents, visitors and business operators to use common sense,” Gilich said. “Be prudent and be vigilant. We’ve made progress, but it continues to be a matter of people protecting themselves, their families and others they may encounter in public.”

On March 1, Harrison County was averaging about 40 new positive tests a day for COVID-19, and the number of vaccinations was continuing to increase.

The mayor’s 10th executive order regarding COVID-19, issued today, incorporates the governor’s order, with this Biloxi addition:

“All members of the public who enter a city building in the City of Biloxi are required to wear a clean face covering any time they are, or will be, in contact with other people where it is not possible to maintain social distance or where recommended social distancing practices are not being followed. While wearing the face covering, it is essential to still maintain social distance insofar as possible. Further, city employees in close contact with the public are required to wear a face covering whether inside or outside.”
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