Coming attraction: Movie time at the mall

Biloxi’s first digital theater since Katrina will have its first public showings Friday.

In fact, it was one year ago today that Edgewater Mall announced plans for its new cinema, officially known as Premiere Lux Cine & Pizza Pub Edgewater Mall. A $6.5 million building permit was issued in March, and a ribbon-cutting is planned froday today, although movies and online ticket sales will not be available to the public until Friday.

Premiere, on the east side of the mall campus, is an eight-screen, state-of-the-art digital theater that will be operated by Texas-based Premiere Cinemas and feature luxury recliner seats.

The Biloxi theater is one of the first cinemas in the country to feature laser projectors on all screens. Laser, mall officials say, is safer and more reliable than traditional xenon gas lamps, and is capable of much higher resolution.

“The big story here is that this is another milestone in our recovery from Katrina,” said Biloxi Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard, adding with a smile: “Sure, we’ve made tremendous progress since 2005, but you’ve never really recovered until you get a movie theater. You hear the cliché ‘state-of-the-art’ a lot, this really is a state-of-the-art theater, and we congratulate the staff and management of Edgewater Mall and Premiere.”
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The inside story on Premiere and Edgewater

Here’s the inside story on Premiere Cinemas and other mall happenings from Manager Terry Powell and Event Coordinator Alyssa Rose:

Premiere Cinemas

We are among the first cinemas in the U.S. to feature laser projectors on all screens.  Laser is safer and more reliable than traditional xenon gas lamps, and is capable of much higher resolution.

Premiere will offer some great things in the way of food and drink.  All-you-can-eat popcorn and soda (free refills, all sizes), Dippin Dots frozen ice cream, Pizza Pub offering a variety of pizza and appetizers, and a full-service bar featuring draft/bottled beers, cocktails, etc.

In-auditorium dining is an option.  Guests can place an order before the show and collect a buzzer to notify them when it’s time to meet the food runner at the auditorium door.  Each auditorium seat is also equipped with a swivel table.  No messy laps.

The Premiere Rewards Program offers guests the chance to earn free concession items for repeat visits.  Points can be earned for ticket, concession, and Pizza Pub purchases, and reward items never expire.

Premiere prides itself on guest service.  Management is encouraged to work on the floor, to cultivate relationships with guests and their families, and staff are trained to provide service with a personal touch.


Sky Zone is known for its innovative areas of safe jumping zones ranging from single freestyle jumping to challenging team activities like Fusion Ultimate Dodgeball.

The 24,000-square-foot arena will be filled with 19 core attractions to challenge individuals as well as offer teambuilding skills. 

Sky Zone will offer a complete range of zones with 10 programs from Toddler Time, Sky Camp, Sky Fit to Sensory Hours, providing a quieter, tone-down jumping experience for those with special needs.  Sky Zone is set to open Spring of 2019.

Brick & Spoon

Brick & Spoon restaurant, a Southern-style breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurant known for its sophisticated, yet casual, atmosphere. 

Brick & Spoon originally opened the first store in Louisiana in order to offer a high-quality southern experience for those who wanted accessible and upscale breakfast, brunch, and lunch dining.

Voted as one of the top 10 breakfast spots in the U.S. by Travel & Leisure Magazine, Brick & Spoon provides affordable premium food, beverages, and entertainment to residents and tourists alike at all of their locations. The Edgewater location is scheduled to open Summer of 2019.

Food Court tenants

Among the recent openings at the Mall Food Court:

Simply Delicious II offers a variety of chicken wings, burgers, grilled fish or shrimp wraps, tuna melt and hotdogs.

Boba and Beanz offers full service coffee shop, bubble teas, smoothies and hot chocolate.  Offers lunch/dinner options such as gourmet salads, toasted croissant sandwiches (breakfast sandwiches, too).