Clean Sweep continues next week

The citywide operation to assist in the removal of yard debris will continue for one more week.

Monday through Friday of next week, the city will, for a second week, deploy two large self-loading trucks and trailers to pick up debris. The trucks will travel areas in West Biloxi, North Biloxi, and Woolmarket that have not yet seen the debris removal trucks, either deployed by the city or by Pelican Waste.

“This effort is a push to catch up on the storm debris,” Biloxi Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard said. “These trucks will be picking up vegetative debris such as tree limbs and bagged leaves.”

The vegetative or yard debris should be placed in separate piles away from fence boards or other construction debris and not include any hazardous waste like paint cans nor large appliances.

Each pile of debris should be placed at the curb and anyway from utility poles, low-hanging power lines, fire hydrants, gas meters, or guy wires.

Added Leonard: ” Remember, the normal weekly collection of yard waste and debris by Pelican WasteĀ will continue as scheduled.”Ā 
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