City to begin managing water and sewer department

The City of Biloxi began managing its entire water and sewer operations late this afternoon, after being notified by ECO Resources that it was ending its contract with the city.

The change will not affect water rates or other operations, Mayor A.J. Holloway said.

The mayor has been attempting to negotiate terms of a new contract with ECO for several months, and last week the City Council approved his request to also begin negotiations with another firm. Those negotiations are continuing.

“The city will continue to provide quality service and at the same time we will continue to make sure that we’re giving Biloxi residents the best return on their tax dollars.” Holloway said. “It’s a shame that things have ended so abruptly, but the important thing is that we’re ready to step in tomorrow and make sure it’s ‘business as usual.’ Our goal remains the same – providing the people of Biloxi quality service and at a good return.”