City seeks volunteers to staff school crossings

The Biloxi Police Department is looking for volunteers to help serve as crossing guards at public schools throughout the city.

A dozen or so volunteers will be used to help supervise crossings at four elementary schools, and the junior high and high schools.

The police department will provide training and equipment – a traffic vest and hand-held Stop sign – to volunteers, who will be coordinated by the school district.

Volunteers should be in good physical condition and will have to undergo an extensive background check.

“We’re looking for people who can donate a couple of hours in the morning and afternoon,” Biloxi Police Chief John Miller said. “And if we get enough of them, we may not even need to use them every morning and afternoon. It may be only two or three days a week.”

Until last year, the Biloxi Police Department had provided as many as two-dozen paid crossing guards for Biloxi Public Schools.

“We’ve had some school closures over the past few years, so we didn’t need as many guards as we had,” Miller said, “and we’ve been able to streamline the numbers of crossings at each school, which makes it much safer than it was. Now we’re asking the community to give us a hand. This can be rewarding work for those who choose to volunteer.”

Those interested should contact Miller at or 435-6100.

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