City seeks to resolve casino rent issue

The city has filed a motion in Harrison County Chancery Court in an effort to recoup Point Cadet casino rent money that the state had inadvertently moved into its general fund.

The city is hoping to recoup $1.18 million on top of the $1.3 million that was recovered from the state a few weeks ago. The $2.48 million represents the city’s share of rent now paid by the Golden Nugget casino.

Under terms of an agreement approved in 2002, the city, the Secretary of State, and the Institutions of Higher Learning, which once operated the J.L. Scott Marine Education Center at Point Cadet, each are paid a third of the rent.

In its motion, which was filed Friday, the city is suggesting that the Golden Nugget pay the rent directly to the city and the city will then forward the remainder to the state. The city is also proposing to recoup the $1.18 million in back rent over the next several months, with interest and attorney fees.
Read the motion filed by the city