City rolls out East Biloxi facade grant program

The city’s Federal Programs Division on Thursday will begin accepting applications for a faƧade program that offers grants of up to $20,000. The program initially targets owner-occupied businesses east of Caillavet and north of the CSX railway.

The grants, administered under the city’s Community Development Block Grant program, have stipulations: Businesses on Caillavet and Division streets are ineligible. It’s limited to for-profit, owner-occupied businesses that have been in continuous operation since January 2014 where the owner has clear title and is current on property taxes, with proof of property insurance, and, if applicable, flood insurance.

Additionally, a temporary lien is placed on the property until the faƧade work is completed to city’s satisfaction and the property cannot be sold for three years.

Said Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich: “This federal program is intended to improve the overall appearance of participating businesses, which, in turn, may stimulate commerce, improve property values and raise the quality of life in the designated area, which is in a federally approved low- to moderate-income area of the city.”
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