City recognizes third quarter longevity recipients

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich, on Tuesday, recognized 36 employees for their years of service during a longevity awards presentation.

40 years of service: Marilyn King, Community Development Department

30 years of service: Stacy Thacker, Administration Department; Brian Thacker, Parks and Recreation Department; and Lyonel Hodge, Public Works Department

25 years of service: Michael Wills, Police Department assistant chief

20 years of service:Shane Breland, Fire Department

15 years of service: Richard Fortinberry, Daniel Misko, Scott Richardson, Larry Sablich, Thomas Saucier, Henry Thensted III, and Dirk Thompson, Administration (Port); William Raymond Jr., Community Development; Mathew Bigelow, Nicholaus Geiser, Joseph Gunter, Richard McLeod, Kyle McNeil, and Curtis Ziegler, Fire Department; Elbert Meaut, Parks and Recreation Department; Donna Newsome, Police Department; and Murphy Chataginer Jr. and Jerry Yarborought Sr., Public Works Department

10 years of service: John Lamb and Steve Rocha, Police Department

5 years of service: Matthew Boone, Justin Branning, Todre Clopton, Jeffrey Duffield, Christopher Keckler, Marlin Ladner Jr., John Majure Jr., William Payne, and Shane Steele, Police Department; and Jerrilyn Wescovich, Public Works Department The mayor presents longevity awards quarterly at a Biloxi City Council meeting.
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