City recognizes second quarter longevity recipients

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich, on Tuesday, recognized 14 employees for their years of service during a longevity awards presentation.

35 years of service: Chief Joe Boney, Fire Department director

25 years of service: Tammy McMillan, (Court) Administration Department; and Ernest Thibodeaux, Public Works Department

20 years of service:Gregory Eleuterius Jr. and Joseph Freeman, Parks & Recreation Department

15 years of service: Wiley Goss, Engineering Department; Brian Locke, Parks & Recreation Department; and Anthony McClain Sr., Eric Aguilar, and Stella Giles, Public Works Department

10 years of service: Grandver Everett Jr., Richard Hilliard Jr., and Sarah Crebassa, Police Department

5 years of service: Brent Woodard, Public Works Department The mayor presents longevity awards quarterly at a Biloxi City Council meeting.
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