City recognizes fourth quarter longevity recipients

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich, on Tuesday, recognized 26 employees for their years of service during a longevity awards presentation.

35 years of service: Cheryl Bell, Parks & Recreation Department director

30 years of service: John Rodolfich, Fire Department; and Ronald Lessner, Police Department

25 years of service: Louis Leitenberger and Stephen Strickler, Fire Department; and Michael Hebert, Public Works Department

20 years of service:Robert Goldsmith, Bryan Hall, Karl Hasselbring, Jeffery Hinton, John Hoverman, Dwayne Leleaux, Michael Lurix, John Massey Jr., Aaron Powell, and Travis Sexton, Fire Department; and Lonnie Marion and Billy Necaise, Public Works Department

15 years of service: Willard Hipple Jr., Police Department

5 years of service: William Coffell, Jacob Fairley, Brodie Fontaine, Jeremiah Fowler, Matthew Newton, and Donald Tillman, Fire Department; and Shane Felde, Public Works Department

The mayor presents longevity awards quarterly at a Biloxi City Council meeting.
See a photo from the council meeting