City honors designers of shoe-box floats

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway has recognized a group of elementary students that he said could be the Mardi Gras organizers and leaders in future years: the 2004 Mardi Gras Show Box Float Contest Winners.

Holloway honored more than two dozen students from Biloxi elementary during the City Council meeting Tuesday. He presented students with Certificates of Achievement and cash awards of $20, $15 and $5, respectively, for first, second and third place winners. The Mardi Gras Museum, Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce, Biloxi Public Schools and Gulf Coast Carnival Association helped organize and sponsor the annual contest.

Gulf Coast Carnival also presented colored doubloons to the students.

The shoe-box-size models of floats the students created are on display in the lobby of City Hall daily through Mardi Gras.

First place winners: Stephanie DeMiller, Beauvoir; Bria McLaurin, DuKate; Molly Haynes, DuKate; Mai guyen, DuKate; Breann Baker, Gorenflo; Reaven Leger, Jeff Davis; Darrien Moore, Lopez; Paige Jones, North Bay; Jamie Hebert, Popp’s Ferry; Brice Daniel, Popp’s Ferry; Genna Miller, Nativity; and Justin Vargas-Rojas, Fatima.

Second place winners: Amanda Kraeer, Beauvoir; Kevin Griffin, DuKate; Logan Jones, Gorenflo; Samantha Stanley, Jeff Davis; Austin Nicholson, Lopez; Jordan Miller, North Bay; Michelle Villarrubia, Popp’s Ferry; Aileen Pfarrer, Nativity; and Marissa de los Santos, Fatima.

Third place winners: Tan Huynh, DuKate; Cavosany Gray-Mack, Gorenflo; Ledaniel Boykin, Jeff Davis; Chelsea Parsons, North Bay; Christina Loew, Popp’s Ferry; Justin Mathews, Nativity; and Michael Thompson, Fatima.