City employees to receive raises from 3 to 5 percent

Biloxi municipal employees, who have not received a pay increase since 2008, will see salaries boosted anywhere from $1,000 to 5 percent in a measure passed today by the City Council.

Under the plan, which will cost the city about a million dollars, all employees with at least a year of service will receive at least a $1,000 a year pay increase. Those who have worked for the city from 1 to 5 years will receive a 3 percent raise, those with 6 to 15 years will receive 4 percent, and those with more than 16 years of service will receive a 5 percent increase.

Employees with less than a year of service will not receive a salary increase.

Department directors also will receive 3 percent raises.

The salary increases are part of the Fiscal Year 2016 budget, which takes effect Oct. 1.