City, developers honor retiring Building Official

Dozens of contractors, developers and city staffers gathered at lunchtime
today to honor retiring City of Biloxi Building Official Bill Prince,
whom Mayor A.J. Holloway credited as helping oversee “the largest
period of sustained growth in the long history of Biloxi, including billions
of dollars worth of residential and commercial development throughout
our city.”

Prince, who was a general contractor in the Reno and Lake Tahoe area
before joining the city, has served as Biloxi’s Building Official
for 16 years. As Building Official, he supervised a team of city inspectors
and he was ultimately responsible for ensuring that all construction
complied with established building codes and standards.

Prince, the longest serving Building Official on the Gulf Coast, was
cited for his work in upgrading training for inspectors and for creating
a coastwide association where Building Officials discuss common issues.

Acting Community Development Director Jerry Creel read a proclamation
signed by Mayor Holloway, who was at the state capitol Tuesday.

Wrote Holloway in proclaiming March 8 as Bill Prince Day: “The
elected leaders and residents of Biloxi, today and for generations into
the future, owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Bill Prince, for having
served this city in such a professional manner at such a pivotal juncture
in our history.”

Creel, who joined the Community Development Department a year ago,
said he was immediately impressed with Prince’s knowledge of construction
and building codes, and Building Division staffer Hank Rogers told audience
members that Prince instilled “invaluable experience, knowledge
and professionalism” in the city’s team of inspectors.

Said Creel: “I think it says a lot when you look around this
room today and see the number of contractors, developers and people who
hold Bill in such high regard.”

Prince, who hailed his inspectors as “the best in the world,” said
he was looking forward to retirement and was proud of the Building Division’s
accomplishments during his tenure.

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