Casinos close to patrons at 10 this morning

The Mississippi Gaming Commission has notified Biloxi and Gulfport casino operators that gaming patrons should be off the gaming floor by 10 a.m., and gaming floors should be completely shut down by 4 p.m.

U.S 90 traffic signals going into flashing mode

City contractors are now placing traffic signals on U.S. 90 in the flashing mode, with U.S. 90 motorists having the right of way.

The move allows engineers to remove costly electronics from the control boxes at each intersection, minimizing the risk of damage. MDOT had requested the action.

Motorists should stop at flashing red lights, and should use caution when approaching flashing yellow lights.

Intersections where traffic signals have been downed should be treated as four-way stops.

Need a ride to a shelter? Call now

If you need a ride to an emergency storm shelter and have not pre-registered with Coast Transit, you must call now to make transportation arrangements. The cutoff time for pickup is 10 this morning, and all CTA buses will end service at noon today. To arrange a ride, call (228) 896-8080.

The local weather statement as of 7:08 a.m.

Winds: As Tropical Storm Isaac approaches, sustained tropical storm
force winds are expected to begin this morning. Maximum winds are forecast to be from 45 to 65 mph, with gusts to 75 mph.

Storm surge and storm tide: There is an increasing chance for combined storm surge and high tide top push waters 8 to 12 feet above mean sea level within areas closer to
the coast, resulting in worst-case flood inundation of 4 to 7 feet above ground level in low lying areas and bays.

The locations most likely to realize the greatest flooding include Shoreline Park, which is on the western end of Bay St. Louis and along the low lying coastal areas of Hancock County. Other low-lying areas near bays in Harrison and Jackson counties are vulnerable also. The onset of storm surge flooding should begin early Tuesday morning and continue to increase throughout the day and night.

Inland flooding: A flash flood watch is in effect for the entire area.
Expect storm totals of 10 to 15 inches of rain with isolated higher amounts possible.

Tornadoes: Isolated tornadoes will be possible as rain bands from Tropical
Storm Isaac move across the area today and Wednesday.

Current conditions: To see the current conditions for Biloxi, from the National Weather Service, click here.

Weather service track: To see the current position of the storm and forecasted track, click here.

Live Gulf radar: To see real-time radar showing the northern Gulf of Mexico, click here.