Casino resorts, other businesses expected to remain open

The Biloxi City Council this afternoon voted to declare a state of emergency because of Tropical Storm Bonnie, and city Emergency Manager Linda Atterberry reminds residents and businesses to keep the storm in perspective.

Said Atterberry: “As it stands right now, there are no plans to close any of the casino resorts or other businesses in Biloxi. In fact, I suspect the only businesses that may temporarily close are beach vendors.”

A state of emergency declaration, as passed by the City Council this afternoon, gives the mayor authority to take extraordinary measures to help protect life and property.

Storm news and notes

Storm info: You can find a wealth of information in the city’s online storm center — National Hurricane Center advisories, real time radar, and preparation information — by
clicking here.

Hurricanes and oil spills: Bonnie is not a hurricane, but how would a hurricane be impacted by an oil spill? To see a report issued by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, click here.