Cable One, Town Green to host C-SPAN’s Campaign 2008 Bus

Biloxi residents will have a chance to step aboard C-SPAN’s Campaign 2008 Bus when its “Road to the White House” tour stops at the Biloxi Town Green on Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The 45-foot mobile production studio is on the campaign trail to promote and enhance
C-SPAN’s comprehensive political coverage, traveling to major political events such as candidate debates and speeches in early primary states, touring state capitols, and also conducting educational programs for teachers and students. Since its January 2007 launch, the bus has been to 42 state capitals, 136 universities and 213 schools where 408 elected officials, 5,500 teachers, 40,600 students, and four presidential candidates have been onboard.

The local visit, organized by Cable One, is part of the bus’s inaugural “Road to the White House” tour, named after C-SPAN’s renowned political program that marked its 20th year on the air in 2008.

“This is a great opportunity for Biloxi area residents to get some insight into this year’s presidential campaign, which is promising to be an exciting one,” said Butch Henley, marketing manager at Cable One. “I want to encourage anyone that can to stop by and take a short tour of this Campaign 2008 Bus.”

To learn more about the Campaign 2008 Bus, click here.

News and notes

Budget meeting: The Biloxi City Council will hold a special meeting on Tuesday at 10 a.m. to discuss the FY ’09 municipal budget. The meeting is open to the public. The council is not scheduled to have an afternoon meeting Tuesday.

Fountain footage: As part of its effort to restore the White House Fountain on Beach Boulevard, the city is seeking nighttime and daytime video and photographs taken of the fountain, preferrably from decades ago. Video or photographs or other information should be e-mailed to Vincent Creel.