Cable One to air Katrina, Camille specials

The City of Biloxi and Cable One will air a series of special storm-related programming beginning tonight and continuing all day Wednesday to commemorate the anniversaries of Hurricanes Camille and Katrina, and to help educate residents about the dangers of storms and flooding. 

Cable One, beginning at 6 this evening on Cable Channel 69, is airing the programs, which include documentaries about the storms and other features. Programming will be repeated continuously until Thursday morning. On-screen prompts will offer scheduling information throughout the day and evening.

August 17 marked the 49th anniversary of Hurricane Camille striking Biloxi and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and Aug. 29 is the 13th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Before Katrina, the city and Cable One had aired a Camille special each Aug. 17. The date was moved to Aug. 29 a year after Katrina.

“These programs airing on Cable One are designed to tell the story of Biloxi, how we’ve weathered the storms, and how we’ve moved forward,” said Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich. “They are catastrophic episodes in our past, but they clearly illustrate that the people of Biloxi and the Gulf Coast have the drive and determination to overcome any and all adversity.

“And more importantly, these programs help remind our residents that we must be vigilant in our efforts to be prepared for storms and flooding.”

Here is the programming, in the order of appearance, beginning at 6 tonight on Cable Channel 69:

– “R U Ready,” a city-produced program in which Coast and state disaster-response leaders provide vital information on how to prepare for storms and flooding. The program was filmed during a city-sponsored gathering earlier this year at the Donal M. Snyder Sr. Community Center.

– “Katrina & Biloxi: A Story of Resolve and Resilience,” the city’s award-winning documentary filmed in the wake of Katrina.

– An interview with Mayor A.J. Holloway conducted at City Hall on the afternoon of Aug. 29, 2005, as winds from Katrina began to subside.

– “The greatest speech ever given by A.J. Holloway,” a 12-minute presentation made six months after Katrina to a national gathering of the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington, D.C. Holloway was mayor of Biloxi when Katrina struck.

– “Katrina +10,” a documentary that looks back at Biloxi and the Gulf Coast a decade after Katrina.

– “The Centennial of the Croatian-American Cultural Society,” a documentary created in 2013 that essentially is the story of Biloxi.

– “Camille 45,” a  documentary created in 2014, on the 45th anniversary of Hurricane Camille, featuring Danny Guice, who was mayor of Biloxi when Camille struck.

– “A Lady Called Camille,” the Civil Defense-created documentary created after the killer 1969 storm.
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