Cable One airs ‘Camille’ documentary tonight

Cable One will be airing “A Lady Called Camille” tonight at 7 and 11 for its 120,000-plus subscribers on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The program will air on Cable 13 on all Cable One systems.

Subscribers in Biloxi will see a two-minute introduction of the documentary that was filmed earlier this month at the Camille Memorial in Biloxi. The introduction, which is narrated by Mayor A.J. Holloway, also features a minute of previously unbroadcast footage shot in the wake of the storm. It shows damage at the former Buena Vista hotel and at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, site of the Camille memorial.

Cable One is airing the program as public service and as part of the City of Biloxi’s efforts to help educate residents on the dangers of hurricanes.

Copies of “A Lady Called Camille” are available for $19.95 each from the Biloxi Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum, which is also home to the Wade Guice Hurricane Museum. Details: 435-6320.