Budget workshop planned for Monday

City leaders will conduct their third budget workshop Monday at 3 p.m. in a drive to craft a budget to fund city operations for the next year, come Oct. 1.

During the Monday session, which will be at City Hall and is open to the public, councilmembers and Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich are expected to review budgets for the areas of Administration, Executive, Ports & Harbors and non-departmental, which traditionally includes interagency and discretionary spending.

The city is aiming to have a municipal budget in place for mid-September. The city uses revenue from its three primary sources — gaming, sales and property taxes — to generate nearly $60 million to fund annual operations; however, the spending plan for FY 2020 also includes a host of new expenses, including a state-mandated $800,000 increase in the city’s contribution to the state employees retirement system, and the opening of two new fire stations.
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