Bon appetit! Chefs of the Coast this weekend

The annual Chefs of the Coast extravaganza – an evening of fabulous food, wine, dancing, raffle items, and the Food As Art Competition – takes place Sunday evening at the Mississippi Coast Convention Center in Biloxi, but this year’s event is actually a three-day affair.

This evening you’ll find “Dash and Dine,” a collection of restaurants and entertainment in downtown Gulfport, then on Saturday afternoon there’s the “Stock-pot Cookoff” at the Coast Convention Center, and the main course on Sunday, the 29th Annual Chefs of the Coast Venetian Carnival Gala at the Convention Center.

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Biloxi faces D’Iberville in pivotal matchup this evening

The Biloxi Indians will host the undefeated D’Iberville Warriors this evening in the season’s first region contest for both teams.

The game begins at 7:30 at the Biloxi campus.

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Zoning cases, facade projects on council agenda

The Biloxi City Council will consider two zoning cases and a host of Katrina-related construction projects during its meeting Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 at City Hall.

The zoning cases, part of an agenda of nearly 16 measures, involve the re-platting of the
Sandollar Condominiums at Irish Hill Drive and McDonnell Avenue, and the expansion of a self-storage business on Eisenhower Drive.

Also on the agenda are requests to declare four downtown façade projects as substantially complete, a proposal involving repairs to the Forrest Avenue boat launch, and a measure that would see the re-alignment of Eisenhower Drive, thanks to a right-of-way donation from American National Insurance Company, the owners of Edgewater Mall.

To see the complete agenda and available resolutions, click here.

News and notes

Judgment day: Special Judge Hollis McGehee’s recent ruling in the Biloxi vs. Gulfport vs. Harrison County annexation case – with its references to the Ten Commandments and Supreme Court Judge Potter Stewart’s famous ruling on pornography (“I know it when I see it”) — is now on the city web site. To read the background and ruling itself, click here.

Webcasting: Jane Shambra, who oversees the local history section of the Biloxi Public Library, discusses the downtown library’s formal grand opening on Sept. 30 in this week’s “City Desk” webcast. To listen to the program, which also features Sgt. Jackie Rhodes of the Biloxi Police Department, click here.