Biloxians say it again: ‘Mask up, Biloxi’

Dozens of Biloxians from all walks of life have come together for a new city public outreach video, “Let’s Do This Again: Mask Up, Biloxi.”

The five-minute video, set to a light-hearted Western Swing musical track, features nearly 70 Biloxians and “some guy from Gulfport” asking their fellow Biloxians to mask up to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

A preview of the video was released Monday during the city’s Be Prepared report, and several faces and places were added to today’s final version, which is now on the city’s social media platforms and will play regularly on BTV.

“It’s the time to be caring and not careless,” says Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich, in introducing the parade of Biloxians, filmed in a dozen locations across the city. Videographer Renny Sherman edited the effort and provided music.

Messages in Vietnamese and Spanish also are included, as is Jack The Fire Dog.
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