Biloxians face 9 p.m. curfew, hours of rising wind and water

The City of Biloxi, facing a night of rising tides and winds that could reach 175 mph Monday morning, will be under a curfew beginning tonight at 9 and until further notice, Mayor A.J. Holloway has announced, joining the curfew plans announced by Harrison County.

Biloxi police officers plan to stop and question any motorists on Biloxi roadways after 9 tonight.

Holloway said forecasters predict the Biloxi area would begin experiencing tropical storm force winds – about 40 mph – beginning tonight, and winds in Biloxi could reach Category 4 and 5 levels – 130 mph to as high as 175 mph – around 6 a.m. Monday. Those winds, the forecaster said, could continue for six to seven hours. A storm surge could range be as high as 26 feet.

“This storm has killed before and it will kill again, given the chance,” Holloway said, noting that a mandatory evacuation has been issued for low-lying areas and vulnerable structures. “In fact, all residents are encouraged to evacuate now and find safe shelter, either to the east or northeast.”

For the latest storm forecasts, visit the Storm and Flood Preparedness section of the city web site at

Closings and other info

Municipal Court has been canceled for the entire week. Scheduled cases will be heard at a later date.

Non-essential city employees should not report to work Monday, unless they have been otherwise notified. They should however remain on call, and continue to monitor news reports or the city Storm Info Line – 435-6300 – for post-storm plans.
announcements regarding Tuesday’s plans.

Post-storm warning: Community Development Director Jerry Creel is warning residents to beware of transient contractors and other individuals who typically set up temporary shop in the aftermath of storms. Says Creel: “Before you sign any contract or allow anyone to perform any repair work on your property, you should ask to see the person’s City of Biloxi license, which allows them to do business in this city. And, by all means, never pay any money in advance for repair work, and do not pay until the work has been reviewed by city inspectors. If you have any doubts or questions, contact the city building division by e-mail at or by phone at 435-6270 once city offices re-open after the storm.”