Biloxi to host inaugural Technology Summit

Biloxi Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich will up the ante on his innovation push Wednesday when the city hosts its first Technology Summit at the Biloxi Civic Center.

The summit is being held to focus on two development opportunities created over the past six months. “We have an opportunity to bring leading edge technology to Biloxi through manufacturing facilities that will generate higher paying jobs and open a new world of business possibilities for the Coast,” Gilich said.

Select industry and educational leaders from the Coast and across the mid-South have been invited to review manufacturing opportunities and wide-reaching applications in biometric cyber security and nanotechnology. The summit is limited to invited business and community leaders.

The gathering is the culmination of a coordinated effort between Glenn Palmer, a Texas-based biometrics developer, and F. Cliff Kirkland, Biloxi’s chief of Civic Innovation and Development.

“In Mayor Gilich’s push to apply advanced technologies to municipal operations, we’ve uncovered two prospective manufacturing operations that would eventually open doors that haven’t yet been imagined,” Kirkland said.

Palmer’s company, LifeSafe+, has numerous patents in biometric identification that are transformative in nature and already attracting international interest. NanoRidge Materials, of Houston, Texas will be presenting and demonstrating game-changing advances with its nanotechnology-enabled materials such as TeraCopper, NanoWire and NEETcoat. All three materials are registered trademarks of NanoRidge.

“Cliff and I visited the NanoRidge headquarters and were overwhelmed by the endless possibilities of their semiconducting materials,” Gilich said. “They were impressed with our commitment to locate a manufacturing facility for them in Biloxi. This is a huge opportunity for us and for South Mississippi.”