Biloxi to bid massive project to replace street signs, posts

The City of Biloxi this week will seek bids on a contract that includes the replacement of nearly 2,000 street signs and more than 2,000 poles on 630 streets, or about 85 percent of the city’s nearly 800 streets.

The project also involves replacing 4,800 square yards of asphalt, 4,500 ssquare yards of sidewalks and 1,600 linear feet of curbing on 83 streets through the city.

The work is being performed on so-called “non-federal aid routes,” which qualify for reimbursement from FEMA.

“This is a huge body of work, but we still have a ways to go,” Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway said. “As much work as this is, it doesn’t include the federal-aid roads, where the majority of the remaining traffic signals remain to be repaired. We have three-fourths of the signals back up at our 61 signalized intersections, but we still need to get some key intersections fixed in east and west Biloxi.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience. We’re making progress, but we’re making sure that we do it right.”

The city conducted a pre-bid conference last week to familiarize prospective bidders with the scope of work, which involves 630 streets in all, where 1,900 street signs and 2,100 sign posts will be replaced.

Formal advertisement of the project takes place May 31. Work should begin in several weeks, after a low-bidder is identified.

The street-repair project represents a fraction of the $160 million the city has in requests pending with FEMA.

To see the city’s online maps, click here.