Biloxi recognizes Red Ribbon Week winners

Biloxi Schools celebrated Red Ribbon Week Oct. 21-27. Throughout the week, activities were conducted to make students aware of the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Students in grades K-12 participated in a poster contest titled “Unite for a Drug Free World.”

Grades 7-10 also participated in an essay contest titled “What can one person do to make a difference in drug and violence prevention?”

Mayor A.J. Holloway presented first place poster and essay winners a cash award and a certificate from Biloxi Public Schools, which was presented during a City Council meeting Tuesday, Nov. 18.

First place poster winners also received a trophy from Biloxi Public Schools.

First place poster winners are Kristen Griffin, Beauvoir; Maily Vu, DuKate; Cindy Tran, Gorenflo; Bailey Kasper, Jeff Davis; Moriah Henry, Lopez; Ember Gryder, Popp’s Ferry: Trier Holloway, Michel 7th Grade; Madison Parker, Biloxi Junior High; Brian Chatagnier and Nigha Robertson, Center for New Opportunities.

First place essay winners are Cobren Greer, Michel 7th Grade; Maggie E. Baker, Biloxi Junior High; Sean Lee, Biloxi High School; Astin Hubbard, Center for New Opportunities; and Haley Whiteman, Nativity Elementary. Their work was on display at City Hall.

Second and third place poster winners will receive trophies and certificates from Biloxi Schools. The winners are Bethanie Fiscus, Beauvoir (2nd); Patrick Bailey, Beauvoir (3rd); Emily Nguyen, DuKate (2nd); Wendy Smith, DuKate (3rd); Nhi Le, Gorenflo (2nd); Kathy Nguyen, Gorenflo (3rd); Asia Gillam, Jeff Davis (2nd); Karissa Engram, Jeff Davis (3rd); Lacey Guessford, Lopez (2nd); Marley Delgado, Lopez (3rd); Emily Aust, Popp’s Ferry (2nd); Staci Montana, Popp’s Ferry (3rd); Victor Pierce, Michel 7th Grade (2nd); Anthony Driskell, Michel 7th Grade (3rd); Philip Gruich, Biloxi Junior High (2nd); Kieu Anh Nguyen, Biloxi Junior High (3rd); Darrell Cao and Gary Kile, Center for New Opportunities (2nd); Christian Hollen and Eddie Henderson, Center for New Opportunities (3rd); Elizabeth Patterson, Nativity (2nd); and Kendall Holloway, Nativity (3rd).

Second and third place essay contest winners will receive cash awards and certificates. Second place essay winners are Shelby McGrew, Michel 7th Grade; Christina Underwood, Biloxi Junior High; Rachel Pavlov, Biloxi High School; and Estella Heuslein, Center for New Opportunities.

Third place essay winners are Neena Bhakta, Michel 7th Grade; Ashley Godwin, Biloxi Junior High; Jennifer Morehead, Biloxi High School; and Robert Baylis, Center for New Opportunities.

Photos of the first place winners are in the city’s online Photo Gallery at