Biloxi Police red beans and rice benefit now underway

Serving of Rena’s Famous Red Beans and Rice Plates is now underway in the green space across from City Hall, part of the Biloxi Police Department’s fund-raising efforts to help
Indiana State Police officers who lost their homes and belongings in deadly tornadoes this summer.

The lunch plates – which include red beans and rice, sausage, bread, and a choice of tea, lemonade, or water — are $5 each and are available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Tables and chairs have been set up across from City Hall, or diners can pick up to-go orders.

The Biloxi officers, who also conducted a family fun day Sunday on the Town Green, undertook the fund-raising efforts to help Indiana officers who assisted Biloxi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. More than a hundred Indiana officers were in Biloxi for weeks after the storm, helping patrol city streets and even helping Biloxi officers rebuild their homes in their off hours.