Biloxi Police announce promotions

More than two dozen police officers were promoted during a ceremony at Biloxi City Hall.

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich, Biloxi Police Chief John Miller and other officers and officials recognized 27 officers for earning an increase in rank.  Three captains, eight lieutenants and sixteen sergeants were pinned with their new badges in front of family and friends.  The officers will serve in supervisory roles throughout the four department divisions: Patrol, Investigations, Administrative Support, and Administrative Services.

Those promoted to captain were Michael Brumley, Milton Houseman, and Louis Soldo; those promoted to lieutenant were David Abbott, O’Neil Adams, Michael Brennan, Brian Dykes, Thomas Goldsworthy, Jason Gruich, Willard Hipple, and Louis Moran; and those promoted to sergeant were Matthew Boone, Matthew Dedual, David Elliott, Grandver Everett, Clint Fore, Keith Garner, Kristopher Hines, Robert Jolly, Christopher Keckler, Marlin Ladner, J. Thomas Lamb, Jay Morgan, William Payne, Thomas Snyder, Steve Stafford, and Shane Steele. 

The ceremony took place on Nov. 30 in front of a standing room only crowd. Many family members and friends were in attendance and assisted officers with the pinning of their new badge. 
See images from the ceremony