Biloxi High School chosen for prestigious math and science program

Biloxi High School this afternoon became the first school in Mississippi to become a member of a prestigious program – one of only 52 high schools in the country — that offers more college-level math, science and English courses will be taught to Biloxi students.

The National Math and Science Initiative, a non-profit organization launched in 2007 to transform math and science education in the U.S., announced that its highly successful Advanced Placement program for military families is being expanded this fall to Biloxi High School near Keesler Air Force Base, thanks to a grant from the Office of Naval Research.

“We are honored to be chosen to be a part of this partnership,” School Board President Allison Buchanan said, noting the program is available to all students at Biloxi High School. “When we sign the papers today, Biloxi will be the first school in the state to have completed the process to be a part of this prestigious program.”

The program means that beginning in 2013-14, Biloxi will offer an expanded array of college-level or Advanced Placement courses. The AP lineup includes Calculus AB, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, English Language, English Literature and others.

The Biloxi program, funded by a $388,507 grant from the Office of Naval Research, also will fund Saturday and monthly study sessions throughout the year to help better prepare students for AP exams. Drawings and prizes – as much as $100 per student – will be awarded by the National Math and Science Initiative.

Enrollment in math, science, and English AP courses for Biloxi High School is expected to increase by 74 percent, and qualifying scores are expected to increase by a whopping 215 percent.

Said Mayor A.J. Holloway, a graduate of Biloxi High School and former business manager for the Biloxi Public Schools: “Today’s announcement is not only great news for military families but for ALL students. Everyone will benefit from this, especially our present and future military families.

“We now have the best Air Force base in the world — and a school district that can do an even better job of preparing our students for the global challenges they will face.”

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Photos: To see photos from today’s ceremony in the courtyard and the reception afterward in the Biloxi High School library, click here.

Other info: To see the exhibits at today’s announcement — including enrollment and testing goals, and names of all AP courses at Biloxi High School — click here.

News and notes

City Council meetings: The Biloxi City Council will hold two meetings on Tuesday, an 11 a.m. meeting to discuss a proposed streets-and-drainage initiative, and a 1:30 p.m. featuring an array of issues. To see the agendas and supporting documents, click here.

Baseball: The Biloxi High Indians will face Oak Grove in Game 2 of the state baseball playoffs this evening at 7 at Biloxi High Schoool.