Biloxi, Gulf Coast should expect Cat 2

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich is asking Biloxi residents to limit travel to only necessary travel as emergency managers are now reporting that Hurricane Nate could make landfall on the Mississippi Gulf Coast as a Category 2 storm.

“This storm should not be taken lightly,” Gilich said. “Accordingly, I’m asking all residents to get the things done that they need to do now. Travel if only necessary.  If you’ve flooded before or if you feel vulnerable, consider using one of the shelters. For east Biloxi, the shelter is at D’Iberville High School. Call Coast Transit at 228-896-8080 if you need a ride.”

Harrison County Emergency Manager Rupert Lacy passed along the news of an upgraded Nate in an email shortly before 10 a.m.

“Start to prepare for a landfall Cat 2 storm making impact on the Mississippi Gulf Coast,” Lacy said. “Storm surge of 11 feet could be seen in Coastal area. We need to have our citizens, business and no traveling public after 9 p.m.”
See the current local extended forecast
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U.S. 90 intersections converting to flashing mode

MDOT has begun the process of converting U.S. 90 traffic signals to the flashing mode, with U.S. 90 motorists having right of way but advised to proceed with caution.

When intersections are in the flashing mode, those with a flashing yellow signal have right of way. Those with a flashing red signal must come to a complete stop and yield to approaching traffic before proceeding.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation, as part of its storm plan, converts signalized U.S. 90 intersections to flashing mode after removing sensitive electronics from control boxes at each U.S. 90 intersection.

No traffic signal? Drivers who encounter an intersection where traffic signals have been either destroyed, downed or otherwise inoperative should treat the intersection as a four-way stop.


News and notes

Visitors Center closing: The Biloxi Visitors Center, which typically closes only on Mardi Gras, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, will close at 1 p.m. today. 

Storm plan: Still unsure of what you should be doing to prepare for the storm?  There’s a checklist you can follow. To see it, click here.