Biloxi casinos hit it big in July: $106 million

Biloxi’s eight casinos won $106 million in July, the second largest month since legalized gaming began in the city 29 years ago, in August 1992.

The gross-gaming revenue figure, the amount of money after gaming wins are paid, is second only to $111.2 million reported in April, three months ago.

The month marked the sixth time in 29 years that the monthly gross gaming revenue figure passed $100 million, according to figures from the city’s Accounting Department, which tracks revenue collections for the Biloxi casinos. Others were in March 2005, January and July 2007, and March 2008.

The $111 million gross gaming revenue figure means state and local governments and school districts will see increased revenue for the month. Total taxes, $12.7 million, including $8.4 million for state, $2.2 million to city, $988,693 for Harrison County, $678,998 for Biloxi Public Schools, and $339,499 for Harrison County schools.
See Gaming Revenue section of city website