Biloxi aims to take the hassle out of registration

It’s a foregone conclusion for many: Another year of registration. Another year of stress. Long, slow-moving lines, plenty of forms to fill out, power bills and driver’s licenses to prove residency, and did we say long, slow-moving lines? And the guy in front of us usually can’t find all of his paperwork.

Biloxi Public Schools worked for years to make it an easier process. Registration days were staggered. Registration hours were expanded. Forms could be downloaded from the website. Still, the lines.

Now, that’s all about to change.

Beginning this year, Biloxi Public Schools is offering online registration for all returning students thtough a service called InfoSnap.

This means parents can register their children from the convenience of their home. On their schedule. With no lines.

Parents will soon be receiving a notice in the mail – a Snap Code letter – giving them the specific Snap Code number to register their child. Each child will have a Snap Code that will allow parents to securely enter registration information. You can even save the info and come back later if they like. Once all done, simply press the Submit button.

Helpful prompts along the way will answer any questions, and there will be online technical support if you need it. You’ll also be given the phone number to your child’s school where you can call for information if you like.

A few things to note: The process will be as simple as it can be. However, parents will have to fill out a form for each child, since each child has specific information. The intuitive forms will allow users to “snap over” shared family information, which will save you time.

Online registration will take place from July 13-24. The letter you receive will inform you how to log in on the Biloxi Public Schools website with your snap code.

And keep in mind, parents, you’ll still have to drop by your child’s school between July 20-24 to confirm residency and a few other items. You’ll need two proofs of residency, including a utility bill no more than 30 days old. You’ll also need a picture ID of the registering parent, guardianship documents, and, for new students: a certified copy of the birth certificate, and Mississippi Form 121 immunization certification for the new student.

Those are all state requirements.

The big change this year, though, will be the online registration.

Superintendent Arthur McMillan said he expects there to be a learning curve, but he believes parents will warm to the idea.

“I think it’s going to be just like the self-checkout at the grocery store,” McMillan said. “At first, none of us liked it, but as time went by, we didn’t mind running up there and swiping our own groceries. It saves time, and, quite frankly, that’s what we want to see with registration: a user-friendly experience.”
See a sample Snap letter
Registration: What you need to know


Parents, now is the time to register for Pre-K

If you’re the parent of a 4-year-old who lives in the Biloxi Public School District, Dr. Janice Johnson has important advice for you: “It is more important now than ever for your 4-year-old to attend Pre-K in Biloxi.”

That’s because education leaders in Mississippi are now tracking the progress of students from Kindergarten on up, “and what they learn in pre-K is a pre-cursor to what they’ll be facing in Kindergarten,” Dr. Johnson says. “Pre-K lays a solid foundation for years of classroom success.”

Biloxi will be hosting a total of 80 students in pre-K classes at Nichols School this year, beginning Aug. 13 and following the school calendar as Biloxi Public Schools. Pre-K classes will be from 7:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. weekdays. Parents have to transport their child to and from class each day.

For now, the important thing is it’s time to register, and you can do it all through the mail.

The classes – four classes of 20 youngsters each – are being funded by a grant from the Kellogg Foundation. Thanks to the grant, the classes are free.
See the Pre-K registration packet