Biloxi A to Z: Fireworks, sand, and a water leak

Fireworks, blowing sand and a leaky water main top this week’s Biloxi A to  Z report.

This week the Biloxi City Council tabled for the second time a measure that would allow residents to shoot fireworks on the 4th of July and on New Year’s Eve.¬†The shooting of fireworks is still illegal in Biloxi, but sales have been taking place since being legalized during the Holloway administration.

Also this week, the Biloxi Public Works crews removed piles of sand from sidewalks north of U.S. 90 and made repairs to a four-inch water main on Big Lake Road in West Biloxi. The compromised water line was seven feet below the ground, and caused residents on Big Lake Road and on connecting streets to the West to experience water loss for some time.

Videos of the Public Works crews work along with the latest on COVID-19 and vaccinations, a weekend preview and a moment of Zen at Beauvoir are part of today’s report.
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