Big issues on City Council agenda Tuesday

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich next week will be asking the City Council to move forward on a host of high-profile issues that have been in the works for months and, in some cases, years.

When the council meets on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m., the agenda includes an Administration proposal establishing a downtown housing incentive program.  The first step involves Fritz Development creating two housing units. Gilich says the program could finally trigger a significant repopulation effort downtown, which has been discussed by the city for years.

Additionally, the agenda includes hiring of a contractor for the second downtown pedestrian overpass, which would connect the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor and adjoining restaurants and casinos with two hotels and restaurants north of U.S. 90.

Other measures on the agenda involve leasing the city-owned Magnolia Hotel to Jourdan Nicaud, a Coast restaurateur, in an arrangement similar to the one executed for the old Biloxi Public Library; and, finally, the mayor is asking the City Council to move forward with establishing just compensation, about $1.45 million, involving nine parcels of land for the new Division Street Keesler gate corridor.
See the City Council agenda and supporting documents


News and notes

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