Beware of slab scams, warns city’s floodplain manager

City Floodplain Manager Rick Stickler is warning residents to beware of unscrupulous individuals seeking contracts to remove derelict slabs from properties.

“We’ve had seven or eight calls from people over the past month who say they’ve been told that the city is going to be requiring that all slabs be removed from property,” Stickler said. “This is not true. The slabs that have been removed were ones that were elevated or created some sort of safety or health issue. There haven’t been issues with in-ground slabs for the most part, and if there’s an issue, you’ll hear about it from the city, not someone else.”

Individuals have been approaching property owners saying that federal funds would be avaialble to remove slabs, which, Stickler said, is also not necessarily true.

“What we are advising people to do is what we always advise them in these cases,” Stickler said: “Do not sign anything or pay any money. Instead, contact the city’s Community Development Department so we can answer your questions about any requirements or necessary permits, and to determine if the individual is properly licensed.”

Contact info: If you have questions, you can email Floodplain Manager Rick Stickler at or contact his office at (228) 435-6270.