Beauvoir to host free beach bonfire during Festival of Trees

Andi Oustalet expects 400 to 500 people to attend the Festival of Trees gala, tonight, based on advance ticket sales, emails, and “the enthusiasm being shown by the general public.”

Tickets will be on sale through the evening, but, meantime, fans of Christmas lights can enjoy the lighting of the trees tonight without having to pay the $50 to attend the kickoff gala.

While the fund-raiser is taking place, Beauvoir will also be sponsoring a free bonfire on the beach south of the national landmark property on west beach Biloxi.

“We’re working to make tonight’s gala all-inclusive by having this bonfire,” said Oustalet, a Beauvoir volunteer who dreamed up the Festival of Trees, which kicks off a weekly Christmas at Beauvoir celebration throughout the holiday season.

“We’re hoping that people will pack a blanket, a snack, maybe some hot chocolate, and plan to be on the beach south of Beauvoir this evening about 5 or 6 o’clock. We have a company setting up a bonfire, and the sand beach authority has spruced up the area, so it will be a great place to watch when the governor’s wife flips the switch to light the trees at 7 o’clock.”

Those planning to attend the bonfire should use the Coliseum’s Beauvoir entrance, where free parking will be available for those attending the Beauvoir event. No parking is allowed in the medians of U.S. 90. Parking is allowed only in parking bays.

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