Automated cans go in use citywide April 1

Trash and debris will be picked up quicker and more often throughout Biloxi as the city and BFI prepare to launch automated trash pick up citywide April 1.

Automated service and expanded debris pickup began in west Biloxi and Woolmarket in October, when Biloxi and BFI also placed dumpsters at sites throughout the city in an effort to help move debris from curbs in a timely fashion.

BFI, the city’s garbage collection agency, began delivering automated cans to residents in east Biloxi this week, but residents should not begin using the receptacles until April 1.

When the automated service begins, east Biloxi residents will also see expanded service, with a trash route being run each Wednesday. BFI has been running the trash route in west Biloxi south of the Bay on Wednesdays and each Friday north of the Bay. No garbage routes will change as a result of automated service.

The city and BFI also are reminding residents that they can place household debris – no garbage — in dumpsters that have been placed at six locations throughout the city.

“I realize that some people have some resistance to the automated cans at the beginning,’ Mayor A.J. Holloway said, “but with the extra trash route we negotiated on Wednesdays, we’re picking up more debris from curbs and roadsides, which is making our city a cleaner place.

Holloway said he has been especially pleased with the success of neighborhood dumpsters, which were installed in October. Residents no longer have to cart debris to the county landfill or pile it on curbs in front of their homes.

“People appreciate this service. It means they can move stuff themselves if they want it moved right away or they can leave it for the trash route on Wednesday,” Holloway said. “This expanded effort, along with our ongoing work through Community Court, will help us remove trash more quickly from our neighborhood streets.”

The neighborhood dumpsters, which are for non-commercial use and non-hazardous material, are in parking lots at these locations:

  • Herbert Mullin Senior Center, Pine Street
  • Kuhn Street water tower
  • Yankie Stadium, Division Street.
  • Bay Vista fire station, Pass Road
  • Margaret Sherry Library, Popp’s Ferry Road
  • Woolmarket Fire Station, Old Woolmarket Road.

Any refrigerators or air conditioners to be removed must have proper environmental tags. Refrigerator doors must be either removed or be inoperable. Also, the city or BFI are not responsible for removing debris left by contractors or tree removal firms.