Artists have a mission in downtown Biloxi

Cruisers and visitors to the big Downtown Biloxi Block Party on Wednesday will have a chance to see nearly 50 pieces of artwork – some as large as 12-foot by 8-foot – in a public display on buildings from Reynoir to Lameuse Street, in the heart of the Vieux Marche.

The project involves about two dozen local artists who are members of the organization Art Can Change Everything, which is focusing its efforts on revitalizing the downtown area. The exhibit hangs through Oct. 19.

“The title of each piece begins with the letters RE…ReVive, ReLease, etc.,” said artist Angeline Molyneaux. “A nameplate is included on all of the artwork, and also gives a brief description about what inspired the artist  for the piece.

“Some are very meaningful, and personal, others are more playful,” Molyneaux said. “Mine for example is called ‘ReTaliation,’ and the description reads, ‘This is my son, and this is the face he makes every time I take his picture. This is his mama’s retaliation for all the years of goofy family photos’. If you’re been downtown Wednesday or this weekend, I would imagine you can tell which piece this is.”

The bottom line, Molyneaux said, it to attract attention to downtown Biloxi.

“It is our hope that this event will bring an excitement into the Vieux Marche of Biloxi, and bring locals and tourists into the area who would not otherwise visit our unique downtown,” she said. “The artists have put a tremendous amount of time and energy into making this project happen. We received a generous grant from Biloxi Main Street to cover promotions and supplies for the installation, but the artists have done all of the artwork at their own expense. This represents a huge commitment to the community on their part.”

The artwork is available for sale by contacting the artists directly. Email information is included on a nameplate with the artwork, or by contacting Art Can Change Everything through the organization’s website. Proceeds will go to the artist, with a portion going to ACCE to help fund future events.

Any artwork not sold will be included in the upcoming WAMA Jamma Fundraiser silent auction, with a portion of proceeds going to the Walter Anderson Museum.
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