Are you’re getting timely Biloxi updates on Facebook?

The city now has a Facebook audience of more than 28,000, and, as a result more and more timely news updates are posted on the city Facebook page to augment news on the city website.

However, a while back Facebook changed the way it chooses the posts you see – and you may need to take a few seconds to make sure you’re getting your news updates in a timely manner.

Here’s all you need to do:  Go to the city’s Facebook page. Once there, make sure you Like the page by clicking Like. You’ll then see “Follow,” “Following” or “See First.” Click “See First.” on Notifications, click “All.” You’re done.

If you already Like the city Facebook page, you’ll either see “Following” or “Follow.” Click on whichever you see and then click on “See First.” You’re done. And if you already see “See First,” make sure Notifications says “All.” Then, you’re good to go.


Spring Break News and notes

Traffic plan for Spring Break:  Biloxi Police Chief John Miller spoke on the City Desk Podcast this morning regarding traffic and the department’s plans to keep traffic flowing safely.  To listen to the podcast, click here.

PSA on Spring Break traffic: Biloxi Police Chief John Miller also sent out a public service announcement reminding everyone of the possible heavy traffic that is expected this weekend during the Spring Break events.  To here that PSA, click here

Other news and notes

Molly the fire dog:  Molly, the Fire Safety Dog from Arkansas, stopped by the Biloxi Fire Department earlier today while she is in town for the Mississippi Association of Public Safety Educators Conference.  To see a little more about Molly and photos from here visit, click here

Road work update: To see the latest on streets and infrastructure work throughout the city, and especially in east Biloxi, click here.