Administrative Services Division

Communications: The Communications Division handles all emergency incoming calls, including 911 calls. This division operates 24 hours a day and is the line of communication between citizens and first responders. Dispatchers have shifts that include evenings, weekends, and holidays to provide round-the-clock coverage. They answer emergency and nonemergency calls to provide the resources for assisting those in need. The pressure to respond quickly and calmly in alarming situations can be stressful and requires a timely, accurate response.

Garage: Fleet maintenance involves the upkeep of first responder vehicles and related equipment. In addition to vehicle repair and maintenance, fleet technicians or mechanics repair and install equipment such as in-car radios, sirens, and other required emergency systems.


  • Intel: The Intel section is responsible for researching laws and investigations, monitoring criminal activity, and analyzing data, statements, and evidence to identify possible suspects, witnesses, and other relevant crime information.
  • Real-Time Crime Center: The primary responsibility is to collect, compile, analyze, and disseminate intelligence information related to criminal activity and other jurisdictions that may adversely affect the city.