Address painting on curb is not city-sanctioned

City Code Enforcement officers are looking for workers who have been placing notices on mailboxes, primarily in west Biloxi, offering to paint street addresses on pavement to make house numbers more visible to first responders.

“Caleb S.” is offering to provide the service for $25, but the city has no record of a permit for the work or a business privilege license.

The note left on mailboxes says the workers will paint a black background on the street, topped with four-inch numbers displaying the address of the home.

“The Code of Ordinances classifies these operators as ‘Solicitors,'” said Community Development Director Jerry Creel. “They are allowed to go door to door and leave handbills, pamphlets, etc. on the door of a structure only. They are not allowed to post anything to a mailbox, vehicle, etc. The problem with the service being offered is that they are offering to paint addresses on curbs which are ‘city- owned property’ and is not allowed without the approval of the administration.”

Anyone seeing a person placing the notices or painting the street should contact the city’s Code Enforcement office at 228-435-6280.